Introducing MilkingCloud: The Future of Farm Management in the Mobile Era

In the realm of cattle farming, managing a farm demands meticulous attention to detail. With the advent of technology, traditional methods have evolved into more efficient, mobile solutions. MilkingCloud emerges as a pivotal "Cattle Mobile Recording App," transforming how farms operate.

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At the intersection of technology and livestock farming, innovative solutions like MilkingCloud not only simplify farm management but also pave the way for more efficient and profitable operations. From cattle mobile app features to cattle birth calculations and herd management, MilkingCloud has become indispensable for modern farms.

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Conveniences Offered by the Mobile App

1 .
All Data

Centralizes all farm data, from animal health to production metrics

Data Analyze

Analyzes data to provide farm managers with essential information for strategic decision-making

3 .
Track data

Tracks each animal’s vaccination schedule, health checks, and production data.


Develops strategies to maximize herd health and productivity.

management strategies

Accurately calculates cattle pregnancy processes, aiding in time management strategies for farm managers


For online payments made with credit and debit cards, there is a 'Secure Payment (3D Security)' to ensure security of your card’s information. You can complete the transaction securely with the password sent to your mobile phone by your bank.

Your username and contract will be sent to you via email. You can start using the system by logging in through the “sign in” section on the website with your username and password.

The duration of our packages is at least 1 year. You can also purchase packages for longer than 1 year if you wish. You can also purchase the mobile app on the App Store and Play Store on a monthly basis if you prefer.

What will happen when the duration of the package I purchased expires?

MilkingCloud commits not to charge existing customers who have previously joined the system more than new customers, regardless of any price increases. As a commercial entity, our sales policies are always prepared taking into account both the continuity of our company and the affordability of our farmers, with a focus on constantly acquiring new customers. In this context, it is clear that excessive price increases would lead to customer loss. Our valued experienced customers can take advantage of all discounts and promotions applied at the time of renewing their subscription.

No, you can register and keep records of your male animals through the same license.

No, but you can upload the milk report you receive from the milking parlor to the system.

No, your milk data cannot be retrieved automatically. You can enter your milk data in bulk or individually for each animal.

You can create a username and password for the veterinarian to use the program. The veterinarian can use the program with the credentials provided. If the veterinarian wishes, they can also purchase our Veterinarian Module to keep records of other farms

App Interfaces

Manage your farm on the go!

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Dairy Cattle Program Screenshot on web 1
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Easy data entry
Easy Data Entry

Upload your data via Excel

Data Transfer
Data Transfer

We transfer your data from your existing system to our system free of charge.


We collect your data from your devices, free of charge.

Slack and Trello Integrations

Make collaboration easier with Slack and Trello integrations to boost the productivity and workflow of your farm. Keep control of your farm with instant notifications, task management, and team collaboration



It starts working automatically when milking begins. Thanks to its smart system, it detects mastitis in early stages based on increased Na and Cl ions transmitted into the milk. It provides information not only through the colored indicator lights on the device, but also through an audible notification via MilkingCloud App

You can find videos and drawings on our website on how to install the device.

No, it does not get damaged. The Mastitis Detection Device is resistant to all types of acid and base mixtures used during washing of the milking line. It is designed to withstand the cleaning solutions without any harm. You can safely sanitize the milking system without worrying about the device.

Yes, it is suitable for every type of milking parlor.

You will receive an audible alert notification through the app on your smart device when mastitis is detected.

The size of the milking line in your parlor will determine how many you need. You should get the same number of devices as milking points you have.

The warranty covers the product for 2 years after purchase, the lifespan of the battery is 5 years.

No, the device does not require an internet connection to operate.

MilkingCloud is being used over 600+ companies & dairy farms


MilkingCloud - Herd Management System

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